Intelsius’s ISTA-certified laboratory has a wide range of technical capabilities to help ensure your temperature-controlled packaging solutions meet all relevant industry and government standards. Meanwhile, we provide technical advice to enhance both the efficiency and safety of your cold chain operations. Services include:

Direct to Site (DTS) Delivery Service

Intelsius DTS services are designed to increase efficiency in the distribution of temperature controlled packaging materials.  DTS saves your organization money, time and storage space.  Intelsius has hundreds of flexible solution options in stock and many available for next day delivery.  Ask us how with DTS.


Using the Intelsius refurbishment service can have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.  Many systems and components can be used repeatedly and that leads to cost savings.  Intelsius can provide those services at our place or train your staff to evaluate and assess the condition of the system and its suitability for re-use.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a way of life at Intelsius. It’s central to everything we do. . Reduce, reuse, recycle aren’t just words. We practice them in our facilities every day and support customers with their packaging recycling. We’re practicing what we preach so Intelsius recycles 100% of its waste cardboard.

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